Cluch Enterprise was established back in June, 1993.
Started from OEM and ODM sports protective gears, softball & baseball pitching machine for popular Japanese, American, and European Brands, Cluch Enterprise has gradually recognized as innovative materials and finished goods supplier and gradually established mutual trustworthy partnership with its clients.

Based on the trust and approved innovative ability from one of its client, Cluch Enterprise started to OEM baseball pitching machine in 1998. Since then, Cluch Enterprise has been manufacturing different types of sports practicing machines from baseball, football to soccer. Not only trying to fulfill clients machine specification requests, but also incorporating creative ideas to improve the usability and comprehensiveness and marketing its own ODM practicing machines, Cluch Enterprise is aiming to provide best marketing and training experience to its clients as well as users.

Cluch Enterprise will always be humbled and honored to be your #1 consideration in providing sports-related products. It is passionate and enthusiastic to continually supply the best quality sporting materials and products with the healthiness and improving professional skills in mind to all athletes around the world.