Hyper Striker/CYB102

Hyper Striker is one of the most versatile pitching machine for up and coming hitters. Quick change design from baseball to softball within seconds, yet this machine pitches standard pitching machine balls with pin point accuracy. It also pitches foam baseball and softball, young hitter can learn how to hit fastball without the fear of being hit. In addition, this machine is compatible for defense training, you can adjust the swivel design base casting 360 degrees to simulate fly balls, ground balls and pop-ups.


・Fully enclosed wheel for maximum safety.
・Wide tripod design absorbs recoil to ensure maximum.
・Quick-change design convert from baseball to softball within seconds.
・Solid structure but light weight, easy to set up and transport.
・Patent Elastic Wheel allows you to experience leather baseball pitching without damage the machine.
* Machine Weight : 12 kgs