One of the most versatile Pitching machine on the market. Apply to wide ranges of user, from High school level to professional, Baseball to Soft ball. With the speed from 30 to 100MPH, you can easily yo simulate to the pitch level from high school to professional with several types of breaking ball.


・Throws multiple pitches from 30-100mph
・Both Leather ball and Dimple ball are compatible.
・360° swivel and 120° of vertical pivot.
・Transport wheel ensure the convenience and mobility.
・Speed control : Dual setting
・Power Source : 110AC or 240V
・90degree and 45 degree Tilt System provides left and right handed breaking ball.
・Heavy duty rugged steel frame with sturdy and tripod ensure the machine stability and accuracy.
・Can be used with ball feeder.
・Optional wheel cover provides maximum safety.
* Machine Weight : 46 kgs